“Michael was very accommodating to our needs and timeframe, and made sure the video was exactly what we wanted… We’ve gotten glowing reviews on the video!..  We’re so grateful for your hard work on this project, it definitely took our year-end video to a new level!” 

Jackie Teeple

Brother Wolf Animal Rescue

“Michael did a fantastic job for us on our website. He was very responsive, patient, and proactive when it came to the content. In the end, we got a perfect website for our needs at a very reasonable price.”

Ben Saylor

President, Uber Tuber, LLC

“Michael Valentino is a multi-talented artist and technician who is certainly a great addition to any TV or motion picture project. Whose ability as an editor can only serve to enhance each and every project which he works on. But make no mistake about it, Michael’s abilities are not limited to post and he will always go the extra mile in helping bring a project to fruition. In fact, my only fear in recommending him is that he won’t be available when I next need him.”

Kevan Michaels

President, Celtic Cross Entertainment LTD

“Michael’s services are exemplary. His professionalism and vision gave us a product that best represents our band and music. He puts in 110% and it shows through his work ethic and final product(s). I highly recommend him and can’t wait to work with him again and again!”

Shawn Lyon

Bassist, The Chimpz

“YOU ROCK! OMG YOU’RE AWESOME!!! The video on the front page looks amazing!!”

Amanda Draper

Mountain Landscapes