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Seeking $50,000 to Transform My Life 

I want to become empowered so I can be more generous and pay it forward myself to those in need.  I want to be able to contribute and add value to my friends, family and community in areas where they could use it. I have been doing this on a small scale for a long time, but have been limited by my financial situation.

I’ve been trying to establish my career in real estate, but have been having a difficult time creating momentum. I spend 90% of my time either looking for work, or working to pay my bills (currently $2,000 a month), and the remaining I give to my real estate career. Any time I have a small runway, I have been able to get some deals going, but it hasn’t yet been enough to establish myself.

When covid struck, I lost my job of 5 years that had been sustaining me. I am now positioned at a firm with a great mentor and coach who sends me plenty of leads. My challenge now is finding the time to follow up and take care of them. I’ve made about $10,000 total in real estate in the past few years so far, and am seeking a runway to help me gain momentum to close a few more deals and become self-sustaining. 

The median house price in Western North Carolina is $350,000. At a 3% commission, that would be $10,500. My firm split is 75/25 so my check would be $7,875. 


My Goal: 

My top goal would be to raise $50,000 – This would allow me to pay off the $20,000 in short term loans (mainly credit cards) which would remove the $300 monthly interest payments ($3,600 a yr I’ve been paying for 2 years to try to maintain a good credit score) and reduce my total monthly bills from $2,000, to $1,500. The remaining $30K I would set aside for strictly bills (now reduced to $1,500 a mo) and work real estate until I was self-sustaining. If real estate wasn’t winning I would know within 2 months and would switch to another business I could go all in with. The goal is the same, to become self-sustaining to get in a position where I could pay it forward for others. 

If my goal is reached, I promise to follow up with all progress updates! This would absolutely transform my life and I would be happy to report back at every milestone. When I get my first deal.. And then the second deal, and third. When I contribute to my family, friends or community in big and meaningful ways. When I have earned a year’s savings and have a handful of contracts going at the same time. When I’m able to pay it forward to others in need..

Thank you for taking a moment to consider contributing to my goal. If you have any questions or ideas I would love to hear them. 

With Gratitude, 


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March 6, 2023

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